Hi, I’m Ricardo Castelhano.

All my professional path is connected with software development and teaching.

I started advocating for Agile and eXtreme Programming practices a long time ago.

In 2008, I was introduced to the Servant Leadership philosophy by a CTO I had. He was the first genuine leader I saw in action daily.

I have considered myself a student of this philosophy since then.

Currently I’m working as Senior Engineer Manager at Sky Technology Centre in Portugal. We are building the streaming services Peacock (USA) and SkyShowtime (Europe). Responsible for the leadership, mentorship, engineering excellence and growth of several frontend development teams.

As a seasoned keynote speaker, I have experience in national and international events organised by companies such as Microsoft and Adobe. I never miss an opportunity to jump on stage and share some love.

I have Don Miguel Ruiz’ four agreements as my North star:
– Be Impeccable With Your Word;
– Don’t Take Anything Personally;
– Don’t Make Assumptions;
– Always Do Your Best.

Welcome to this space, where I will share my leadership and management insights.